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The farm 'San Severo' can be found in a unique position in the centre of Italy, situated in the stupendous and sunny countryside of northern Trasimeno, Umbria: 30 hectares of orchards, vineyards, olive groves and woodland which overlook the splendid Lake Trasimeno. The farm, run entirely by one family, mainly cultivates apples (Golden Delicius, Stark Delicius, Greeny Smith, Morgendurf, Fusj, Royal Gala) which are sold on the estate, other produce, no less important, are peaches, kiwi and apricots. The produce is cultivated with the minimum use possible of fertilisers and fungicides. The orchards are located on the hillsides surrounding Lake Trasimeno, with an excellent exposure to the sun which improves the flavour of the produce. The grapes from our vineyards, known as one of the most important vineyards in the area, are transformed into prestigious wines (we are very close to the Chianti and Montepulciano areas).

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Extravirgin olive oil

From the olive trees, positioned on the sunkissed hills, an olive oil is made which is particularly tasty due to its low acid content and is the proud holder of the D.O.P “Colli Trasimeno” label. Our oil is made from a mix of the typical olives of the area: dolce agogia, moraiolo, leccino, frantoio, pendolino, rossellino, which are picked by hand. The oil is produced with the cold press method which enables it to keep its flavour, colour and nutritive value. Olive oil is the only oil which can be consumed as soon as it is pressed. The oil also contains powerful antioxidants which are credited with having protection against certain types of illnesses.
  • COLOUR: limpid with a bright golden colour
  • AROMA: intense and rich smelling completely of the fruit
  • FLAVOUR: it displays a harmony with a progression which is characterised finally with a sensation of a bitter and peppery flavour
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal on salads, fish and white meat