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Perugia is one of the most attractive towns in the area of northern Umbria and southern Tuscany both in terms of its ambience and its architecture and should on no account be missed if you are visiting central Italy. The Piazza IV Novembre forms the centre of Perugia which speads outwards along the steep alleys leading to the walls of the original Etruscan settlement and the ancient gates of Porta Marzia, Porta Sole, Porta Cornea, Porta Trasimena, Porta della Mandorla and the Arco Etrusco. The piazza is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, surrounded as it is by fine buildings. A visit to the Umbrian town of Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis, is like going back to the 12th century. The town still retains its ancient rhythms. Apart from religious buildings too important to not be considered solely the heritage of Assisi such as the basilica of St. Francis, the tourist can also visit the churches of St. Clare and St. Peter. Città della Pieve. This characteristic village was touched by the events of medieval history, and indeed, a number of masters had control of the town until Clement VII placed it under the direct control of the Church. The centre of the town is encircled by the walls of 1300, and the medieval style is evident there.

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